Image Requests and Reproduction Rights

Whangarei Art Museum assesses image requests on a case by case basis and requires interested parties to declare the intended use for the file. Examples include:

  • Personal use (family heritage)
  • Research/Private study
  • Publication*
  • Commercial/Retail*
  • Other (please specify)

Note * fees apply

Image file/s provided is/are strictly limited to the use specified and agreed to by the Whangarei Art Museum and the requesting party.

Whangarei Art Museum requests one gratis copy of any publication that includes Whangarei Art Museum images. Any further negotiations for royalties, exclusives and/or receipt of in-kind merchandise will be made at the time of application.

Photographs of art museum objects must not be used to assert or imply the Whangarei Art Museum endorses any commercial product or enterprise, concurs with the opinions expressed in, or confirms the accuracy of any text used with these photographs.

Whangarei Art Museum does not charge for scholarly or non-profit use of image files; however administration fees may apply.

Whangarei Art Museum is not responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder for use of requested material.

For more information please forward your enquiries by email to: