The Plant Room

In ‘The Plant Room’, strange new things are made and remade. What emerges is not in our control.

In this work, images of nature are transformed by algorithms into hybrid new forms that are experienced as both sound and image. Existing only for a few minutes, these entities then disappear forever. Sensors trigger the transformation just as humans inadvertently trigger change in ecological systems simply by turning up.

The Plant Room celebrates aspects of hacker and maker cultures, and of emerging ecologies where rigid concepts of digital, physical and spiritual are in flux.

AwhiWorld (Kim Newall and Dr Maggie Buxton) is a creative technology organisation dedicated to supporting the spirit of people and their places. AwhiWorld activates places and spaces; brings magic to towns and cities; and educates audiences about histories, stories and artefacts in cultural locations. Their projects are designed to disrupt and expand the boundaries of knowing, being and doing.

Watch Whangārei Art Museum’s online artist talk with Kim and Maggie.