The Plant Room: exhibition outreach

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” – Marc Chagall

Photographs of leaves

Taking photos to contribute to The Plant Room exhibition.

One of our current exhibitions, The Plant Room, uses algorithms to turn digital images of nature into colourful new forms that exist only for a few minutes. Every so often, different plant material from around Whangārei infiltrates The Plant Room and creates strange new patterns.

Now the exhibition is spreading its tentacles into your backyard bubble, and you can get involved. AwhiWorld, the creators of The Plant Room, will make the exhibition’s next iteration using material sent in by YOU during lockdown.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Take a few photos of leaves or flowers in your garden, or inside your home.
  • Ensure the whole leaf or flower is showing in the photo, and that it’s photographed against a white background – see the photos above for guidance. (Ferns are a bit too complex for this project, so please don’t send them in.)
  • Email the images to us at Tell us where you live (just your suburb or city will be fine), what kind of plant you’ve photographed, and what you like about your garden.

We’ll select some images to share on Facebook and Instagram, and send all the images to AwhiWorld to potentially be included in the exhibition once we reopen.

Get snapping, get the kids involved, and send in those photos! Soon The Plant Room could be featuring strange new patterns that you might just recognise.

Leaves against grass and white backgrounds.

Images not shot against a white background, or not showing the whole leaf, cannot be used for The Plant Room.