Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Week  June 2016

An Open Letter to WAM volunteers past and present.

Dear Team

If a picture painted a thousand words then we would paint a THANK YOU!

Thank you for your contribution to our arts community.

Thank you for your talents that you bring to us each day.

Thanks for pouring the wine and setting up for an event and cleaning up afterward.

Thank you for your time which you generously give to us.

Thank you for painting the wall, lifting the crates, spot cleaning the floor or the wall.

Thank you for emptying the rubbish bins and doing the recycling.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our visitors.

Thanks for driving the van.

Thanks for having us for dinner.

Thank you for bringing in your baking.

Thank you for going the extra mile and doing more than is asked of you.

WAM appreciates hugely your time, your ideas, your enthusiasm and your passion for being an integral part of the Whangarei Art Museum and the art community.

Kind and thankful regards

The Whangarei Art Museum Staff and Trust


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