My Name Comes From This Place

Works by Filani Macassey

In June 2019 Filani Macassey flew to Athens to present a paper at the 25th NZSA Conference. From here, she travelled to Cyprus to visit the historic village she is named after – the Village of Filani, situated in the settlement of Politiko in the Nicosia district.  My Name Comes From This Place is an exhibition about stepping through the threshold and making connections.

“As individuals, we all have stories to tell. There are so many ways to engage within the telling.”

Macassey is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Northland. Her work is inspired by the duality of having been born in Fiji and living most of her life, from the age of six and a half, in New Zealand. A graduate of Elam School of Fine Arts, her work has been exhibited throughout New Zealand, Fiji and Europe. Most recently her work Lunar Portrait #Star Dust was a finalist in the 2018 Wallace Arts Awards.