Partial Loss

The 2016 White Box Black Cube Exhibition ‘Partial Loss” by artists Cathy Tuato’o Ross and Ellen Smith.

In this collaborative exhibition, Smith and Tuato’o Ross have been curious about the shifting relationships between objects and meanings, and bring some possible solutions to the problems of accumulation, excess or inheritance to the gallery.

Learning from photography, in which three dimensions are reduced to two, Smith and Tuato’o Ross experiment with reducing volume, through compressing, flattening and even cremating.

The Community Shadow Collection Project

This exhibition includes a community collaboration project. All members of the community are invited to participate by bringing an object in to be photographed on one of the following days

December 14, 2016, January 11 and 25, 2017 – between 11am-2pm

Please bring an object with you that has lost something – it’s original owner, it’s value, or it’s story for example. The artists will photograph its shadow which will then be added to the exhibited Shadow Collection.