Welcome to Cosy Cosmos

‘Welcome to Cosy Cosmos’ an on going body of work by Suza Schiele in which she invites viewers to ponder on the origin on life, the perplexities of human existence and complexities of identity.

Inspired by idiosyncratic microbiological research and the “pagan, colourful optimism” of Modern Art her paintings and mixed media sculptures evolved from spontaneous chance creation. Exhibited together, they form a wunderkammer with a collection of subjective images and objects hovering between microbiology, science fiction and art history.

“Where do we come from? How did we get here? Why are we here? Who am I? Who are you? The eyepiece of a microscope became the porthole of my spaceship on a journey to unexpected discovery, insight and encounter- encounters that now, involve you dear travel companion”

Suza Schiele

Suza Schiele was born in Germany and grew up in Turkey where her parents where employed by the German Institute of Archaeology. She lived and worked in Europe as an Interior Designer before she came to New Zealand in 1992.

After raising a family she enrolled at Elam School of Fine Arts, The University of Auckland, studying under artists such as Derrick Cherrie and Michael Parekowhai. During her studies she received ‘The University of Auckland Masters/Honours Scholarship (2001)’ and the ‘Scott Ellery Medal’. She graduated with a BFA in 2001 and a Master of Fine Arts in 2003.